Welcome to WomenInScience@SwanseaUniversity! We are a group of researchers and students, mainly in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) subjects with the aim to meet, exchange ideas and network. This group is for all who support Women in Science and who wish to contribute to a greater gender balance at this University. We aim to promote this balance by focussing on two key areas:
- using outreach activities to increase the visibility of STEMM subjects and careers and
- providing a network to support those already in STEMM.
The purpose of this page is to inform about activities in Swansea and elsewhere.


5 July'14: Soapbox Science 2014

Swansea University is collaborating with Soapbox Science for this year's event , which will take place next to the 360 Beach and Watersports Centre at Swansea Bay.

[Videos from this event can be found here]

6 March'14: International Women's Day IT Wales Event

Swansea ScienceGrrl and members from the College of Science have been invited to attend IT Wales' International Women's Day celebration: From the Cradle to the Great.

5 March'14: International Women's Day WIMS Event

The Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) society in the College of Medicine are celebrating International Women's Day, with guest speakers Dr Ruth Hussey, Chief Medical Officer for Wales and Prof. Alexandra Blakemore, Chair in Human Medical Genetics, Imperial College.

6 March'14: Debate on Dredging the Somerset Levels

Starting at 5pm in the Zoology Museum (aka. room 129, Wallace Building).the Geography Society are hosting a debate on whether or not the rivers in the Somerset Levels should be dredged. Realising that this is a very complex and multifaceted debate, the Geography Society welcomes contributions from all students and staff across the College of Science and wider. If you are able to offer students an expert opinion, from health risks to policy and land management, from hydrology to climate change, or from ecology to geography, your contribution would be very welcome. Bring your ideas, questions and opinions. If you would like to ask your question or post an opinion in advance, please tweet @JennyDStanford.

19-22 Feb'14: Festival of Research at Swansea University.

See also Calendar of events. Note: On Thursday, 20th February 2014, 12:30, there will be an Athena SWAN Panel discussion 'Advancing Women's Careers in Science' in the Council Chamber, Singleton Abbey.

17-23 March'14 Swansea ScienceGrrl supports National Science Week

If you are interested to offer/help with a workshop at a school, please contact Kathyrn Welsby (483144@..).

25/27.Feb'14: Half-Term-Build-Your-Own-Computer-Workshops-for-Girls

Contact: Sophie Dare-Edwards, Technocamps, Swansea University.

Jan'14: Swansea SoapboxScience: First Announcement

The Swansea SoapboxScience Event will take place on 5th July 2014. To get involved please contact: Geertje Van Keulen (G.Van.Keulen@..)

Jan'14: Swansea ScienceGrrl: regular monthly meetings:

Starting from Thursday 6th February, 12:00, Cafe Glas, there will be regular monthly meetings. The location (and time if requested) can change according to preferences.

Nov'13: Swansea ScienceGrrl: Launchevent - Because science is for everyone!


SwanseaScienceGrrl was launched as a local chapter of the UK wide ScienceGrrl initiative on 28 November 2013, 12-2pm, Surf Room, Fulton House. The programme included a welcome by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, a presentation of the ScienceGrrl objectives, networking and group discussion. ScienceGrrl (UK) "is a broad-based, grassroots organisation celebrating and supporting women in science; a network of people who are passionate about passing on our love of science to the next generation."

Oct'13: Ada Lovelace Day at Swansea University

Swansea University celebrates Ada Lovelace Day, 15 October 2013

For more details see Activities in Swansea.
This webpage is still under construction. If you have suggesions, in particular items to add, please contact Monika Seisenberger (m.seisenberger@swansea.ac.uk) or Alison Jones (481549@swansea.ac.uk), Computer Science, Swansea University.